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Sanitary Pad

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MamaMinx Sanitary Pads

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Quick Overview

You deserve a little bit of luxury! Soothing and absorbent, very simple to use and provides an effective and far more comfortable option to disposable pads.

Each Pack contains two pads. Please note photos of prints may vary.

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Easy to use:

Secure to your underwear with snaps (no adhesive tape in sight). To change, fold in half and snap together, to easily avoid any mess!

Made from:

  • Bamboo and Orgonic Cotton
  • A hidden waterproof layer
  • Polyacetal snaps

Does not contain any bleaches, purfumes or other harsh chemicals used in making disposables.

Available in 3 sizes and levels of absorbeny:

  • Scanties are the smalles (like panty liners) ideal for a very light flow or mid-cycle spotting.
  • Midzies are regular size and suitable for medium menstral flow and post partum flow.
  • Bigzies are your overnight pad also suitable for a heavy menstral and post partum flow.

Usage would be as many per day, on average, as you would disposables. To save frequency of washing, you may wish to have enough to last a full period.

Easy and Simple to Clean:

  1. Rinse immediately after use
  2. Place in a bucket or waterproof bay until you're ready to wash
  3. Wash along with your regular laundry

For best results us a detergent with no whiteners, softeners, perfumes and avoid using bleach and fabric softener.

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