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From Teething Jewellery to Nursery Décor – We've Got the Goods For Your Baby!

Nursery décor for the (still unnamed!) bump, teething jewellery to soothe your toddler’s sore gums or some indispensable baby goods and gifts, Bump N Baby is about finding the best and delivering the best. It's all about finding amazing baby goods with ease, with speedy dispatch and with "real human" service.

Throughout your pregnancy and into your baby’s first years, Bump N Baby has all the baby items you need and we're here to help!


Guaranteed the only baby goods we’d let our babies touch

From teething jewellery, to clothes, toys, nursery décor, breastfeeding covers and everything in between… if it's not good enough for us, it's not good enough for you and your baby. That's the difference with our baby goods, we source them, test them, try them and we do it all with bonafide mum's love. Every Bump n Baby item is safe, useful and just delightful! We make sure of it!


Stress free shopping – yes please!

Is your newborn or toddler making trawling the shops completely un-fun? Are you looking for exceptional customer service that the other stores seem to have forgotten? Bump N Baby always go that step further. Our super friendly attitude and fast delivery mean that shopping online with Bump N Baby will be a breeze.


Hang out with the Bump n Baby Community!

As well as offering a huge range of fantastic products in one convenient place, we’d like to share in the delight of your parenting journey. Our Bump N Baby Facebook page is sprinkled with lots of helpful parenting information for first time mums, as well as some great ideas we find along the way. We invite you to join our community and benefit from the encouragement of other like-minded mums.

Bump N Baby is always on the lookout for fabulous baby goods to support you on your path to being a new mum. Browse our new baby items now to check out our latest finds.

When you need some amazing baby goods to help with a teething toddler, a breastfeeding dilemma, a feeding disaster zone or just some lovely nursery décor to finish your big project, Bump n Baby is here to help. Start browsing our amazing baby goods now.